At AMF our venues stretch wide across the continent, all the way over to the West Coast of Australia, where we have some of our best venues working hard all around the city of Perth. AMF Joondalup is home to a mighty few, including Venue Manager Carol. Find out what keeps her venue ticking and some of her insights in the lead up to International Women’s Day!

How long have you been working at AMF Joondalup?

I have been with AMF for 11 years now and currently Manager of the AMF Joondalup. I’m lucky enough to work with a great team of people and love my job (and the game)! I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and have made some lifelong friends.

How have you seen bowling change during your time in the industry?

Over the 40 years I have been involved in the game, the sport has evolved in many ways. From the technology and designs of the centres through to the machinery, lanes, bowling balls and the way we approach the game these days. 

It’s great to see the game still being played at an elite level with our League Bowlers, all the way through to a family social outing on a weekend or during the school holidays.

Who are some strong women you admire?

I admire all women that achieve their goals by working hard and to be the best they can. I think if you believe in yourself and your ability you will have success.

What is your highest bowling score?

The highest score in bowling is 300 which is achieved by twelve strikes in a row. I am very proud to say that in my Bowling career I have bowled 21 perfect games!

How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day this year, Thursday 8 March 2018?

This year International Women’s Day falls on my day off, I will be taking time out from managing the centre and having some me!